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 California Sales and Use Tax 
Preparation software
The fastest and easiest use of sales tax software in the industry!
FREE Quick Payroll Calculator 
Payroll Calculator. Just enter hours, rate, and get a quick view/print Gross Pay, Tax Deductions, Net Pay, Employer's Payroll Contributions and Cost of Workers Comp Insurance for any pay periods.
Download our Full Trial Version and use our 2018 Quick Payroll Calculator for entire year FREE without purchasing our software. No obligation. No credit card needed.
ezUSAPayroll - California Payroll Software
Specially designed for CPAs, Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Tax Preparers.
Complete Payroll Processing from Paychecks to W-2 forms including 1099-MISC.
Support up to an unlimited number of clients or employees.
Print Paychecks on Blank Check Stock.
Print All Tax Forms on Blank White Paper.
Preparer's Forms: Power of Attorney Form 2848 & DE 48, Reporting Agent Authorization Form 8655, Change of Address - Business Form 8822B, EDD Change of Employer Information Form DE24. New Hire's Employment Forms W-4, I-9, DE 4.
Payroll Correction: Forms 941-X, 944-X, 943-X, 940 Amended,
Forms W-2c, W-3c, CA DE9ADJ.
Update current California UI Rate quickly from EDD UI Rate Search link from Employer setup in our software.
Quick Payroll Calculator: Just enter hours, rate, and get a quick view/print Gross Pay, Tax Deductions, Net Pay, Employer's Payroll Contributions and cost of Workers Comp Insurance for any pay periods instantly.
Calculate Workers' Comp straight pay, payment due and prepare workers' comp insurance report in a minute. View Workers Comp Report Summary
QuickPay features: Do Client Payroll in seconds, Print Paychecks in just a few clicks each payday. Less work; more profit!
Save hours or days. Prepare and print hundreds (100+) of 941, CA DE9, CA DE9C, 944, 940, for all clients in just a few minutes.
Save $$$. No Preprinted checks and storage. Free MICR code. Print payroll checks on blank check stock. Print Tax forms & W-2's on plain white paper.
Paperless storage and reduce mailing costs. Export reports, checks, and tax forms into a PDF file. Store it on your computer, deliver report to your client - just attach a pdf file to your e-mail and send it.
Save more hours of processing at year end. File W-2s electronically. Process and file hundreds or thousands of W-2's to SSA in minutes. ($100.00 additional fee)
Blank Laser Checks
(Top Format DLT831-1 1-part)
DLT831-1 500 1000
You Pay: $45.00 $67.00