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 California Sales and Use Tax 
Preparation software
The fastest and easiest use of sales tax software in the industry!
Technical Support
Any questions or problems in using EzUSAPayroll - California Payroll Software

Call support line at:
  Telephone: (714) 531 - 3690
  Fax: (714) 531 - 3633
  Email: info@csutax.com
11:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Monday - Friday

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NPSYS Corporation established since 1987. We specialize in electronic tax preparation and consulting.We have been working with numerous payroll and sales tax softwares. Like you, we have been yearning for a tax software that can do the job fast, easy, error-free, and most of all, at no effort, with lowest cost and effective technical support. Since we are tax professionals, we think and design the tax software for us: tax professionals.