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Quick Guide for Merging your 2016 Existing Payroll into 2016 EzUSAPayroll System
If you want to merge your existing payroll program into our ezUSAPayroll system, please follow these steps.
Download and install our 2016 EzUSAPayroll Software from our website www.USATaxSoftware.com onto your computer. FREE Trial Key Code: FREE TRIAL
Start the 2016 EzUSAPayroll program.
  1. Set up employer information.
  2. Set up employee information. (2.1)
  3. Have ready the current year payroll data, e.g.: 941's, DE-9's, DE-9C's, payroll journals, etc...
  4. Click After the fact (1.4). Enter earnings and deductions of each employee with one of the following shortcuts.
    - By quarter,
    - By year-to-date, or
    - Both.
    (Note: "By quarter" is recommended so you could have quarter reports, form 941 and DE-9 & DE-9C, saved in the system.)
  5. Review the YTD earnings and deductions of each employee to match with the records you had from other payroll program or processing service.
  6. For the upcoming payroll, use Payroll QuickPay (1.1) or Gross to Net (1.2) to prepare payroll and print new paychecks. Employees' current and YTD earnings and deductions will be reflected on new pay stubs and year-end W-2's.

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