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 California Sales and Use Tax 
Preparation software
The fastest and easiest use of sales tax software in the industry!
Prepare Payroll, Print Paychecks, Pay Taxes & File Tax Forms
(Employees are sorted by ID#, First Name, Last Name, Dept)
1. Employees Time Sheet Summary List
2. Payday: Do Payroll Weekly, Biweekly, Semi-monthly, Monthly
  a. Print Payroll check with 2 paystubs
  b. Print Payroll check with 1 paystub
  c. Print Paystubs only
  d. Print Payroll check summary listing
3. Payroll Reports:
  a. Payroll Register
  b. Payroll Journal
    i. Journal Entry & Cash Needs
    ii. Employer's Payroll Expenses
    iii. Payroll Summary
    iv. Payroll Tax Payment Notification
4. Pay Taxes:
  a. Pay Federal & State Taxes online
  b. State Tax Deposit Form CA DE-88
  c. Tax Deposit Reconciliation
5. Pay Workers Comp
  a. Summary Report
  b. Detail Report
6. File Quarterly Payroll:
  a. Form 941 (do not file 941 if you are 944 filer)
  b. Form CA DE-9
  c. Form CA DE-9c
7. File Annually Payroll:
  a. Form 944 (do not file 941 if you are 944 filer)
  b. Form 940
  c. Form W-2 for Employees
  d. Form W-2 copy A for SSA
  e. Form W-3

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