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 California Sales and Use Tax 
Preparation software
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EzUSAPayroll Software (Federal & State of California PAYROLL)
Quick Guide to Prepare Payroll, Print Paychecks, Pay Taxes & File Tax Forms.
Start the 2016 EzUSAPayroll program. After setting up your employer and employees' information (2.1). Follow these steps to prepare payroll, print paycheck, print payroll reports, pay taxes and file tax forms.
(Employees are sorted by ID#, First Name, Last Name, Dept)
  1. Time Card. Each Payday, collect Employee Weekly, Biweekly, Semi-month, Monthly Time cards. Enter the time cards (1.6) and import it to QuickPay to print Paychecks. Or enter employees' total hours on QuickPay screen (1.1) to run payroll and print Paychecks.
  2. Run Payroll: Each Payday, Use QuickPay or Gross to Net to run Payroll and print Payroll checks.
  a. Payroll QuickPay (1.1)
  b. Gross to Net (1.2)
  3. Print Paychecks
  a. Print Payroll check with 2 paystubs (1.7)
  b. Print Payroll check summary listing (1.5)
  4. Print Payroll Reports: choose Payroll Register or Payroll Journal and other reports
    Payroll Register/Journal (3.3)
    i. Notice Net Wages Paid & Tax Due.
    ii. Payroll Summary & Cash Requirements. View this report to know cash needs and tax liabilities for any pay periods.
    iii. Payroll Register/Journal Report.
    iv. Employer's Payroll Expenses. View this report to know employer's tax contribution and employee's earnings & deductions.
    v. Payroll Current and YTD Report. View this report to know all current & Year-to-date payroll.
    vi. Payroll Tax Payment Notification. View this report to report and pay federal & state tax liabilities for any pay periods.
  5. Pay Taxes:
    Monthly Payers: (under $50,000 annual tax liabilities) deposit or pay taxes on the 15th of following month.
Semi-weekly Payers: ($50,000+ annual tax liabilities) deposit or pay taxes on Wednesday or Friday each week. (see IRS Notice 931- Deposit Requirements for Employment Taxes)
Form 940: If your FUTA (Form 940) is $500 or less in a quarter, carry it over to the next quarter. If it is over $500 you must deposit your tax for the quarter on or before the last day of the month after the end of the quarter.
    Online EFTPS Or make a tax deposit using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). For more information on EFTPS, go to www.eftps.gov or call 1-800-555-4477.
    CA-DE88 (6.1) Use preprinted State Payroll Deposit Coupon CA-DE88 or our alternate Coupon to make a state tax deposit.
    Online EFT Or make a tax deposit using the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). For more information on EFT, go to
    http://www.edd.ca.gov/Payroll_Taxes/Electronic_Filing_Registration_and_Payment_Information.htm#EFT or call the EFT Helpline 1-916-654-9130.
  a. Federal Tax Deposit. Pay Online using the EFTPS.  
  b. State Tax Deposit Form CA DE-88 (5.1) print and mail with payment.
  c. Tax Deposit Reconciliation (3.4) view this report to reconcile tax liabilities.
  6. Pay Workers Comp: view this report to prepare and pay worker's compensation insurance premium for employees. (3.6)
  7. File Quarterly Reports: review, print, sign and mail the quarterly tax form (941 & CA DE-9, CA DE-9c) on or before its due dates.
Filing Due date:
  04/30 for 1st quarter, 07/31 for 2nd quarter,
  10/31 for 3rd quarter and 01/31 for 4th quarter
  a. Form 941 (do not file 941 if you are 944 filer) (4.1) or (4.2.6)
  b. Form CA DE-9 (5.2)
  b. Form CA DE-9c (5.2)
  8. File Annual Reports: review, print, sign and mail the year-end tax form on or before its due date.
Filing Due date:
  01/31 (944 or 941, 940, CA DE-9, CA DE-9C, and W-2'S)
  a. Form 944 (do not file 941 if you are 944 filer) (4.2.2)
  b. Form 940 (4.2.1)
  c. Form CA DE-9 (5.2)
  d. Form CA DE-9c (5.2)
  e. Form W-2 for Employees (4.2.3)
    Filing Due Date: 02/28 (W-2'S & W-3)  
  f. Form W-3 and W-2s Employer to SSA (4.2.5) & (4.2.3)

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