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 California Sales and Use Tax 
Preparation software
The fastest and easiest use of sales tax software in the industry!
  • EzUSAPayroll Software
Prepare payroll, print checks and do payroll taxes...
  • Our special feature, QuickPay Entry, was designed to speed up data entry process. Just a few clicks you will have accurate payroll checks ready for delivery. You can edit rates, hours directly on the QuickPay list; our software will quickly process it and produce payroll checks in seconds.

  • Compute pay Gross to Net, Net to Gross or After-the-Fact entry.
  • Automatically calculates Net Pay, Gross Pay, Social Security Tax, Medicare, State Disability Insurance, federal withholding tax, state & local taxes.
  • Handles deferred/pre-tax deductions for 401K, Simple or Cafeteria Plans and Fringe Benefits.
  • Handles Cash, Charged or Allocated Tips.
  • Multiple Departments Reporting of Payroll.
  • Timecard hour calculator.
  • Supports different types of payroll pay periods: daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.
  • And more...


  • Prepares and accepted Laser Generated all Federal Forms 941, 944, 940, W-2, W-3 and State Forms on plain paper.

  • Prints payroll checks on blank check stock with our free MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition). Other companies charged up to $100.00 for this option. Ours is FREE.
  • MICR can also refer to the special font used to print the numbers and symbols at the bottom of a check. If you have a laser printer with good quality toner, it is very likely you can print your checks without special toner. Blank check stock is significantly cheaper than preprinted checks. If you change banks, move, or for any other reason need to change the information on your checks, you do not have to order new forms. If you are a payroll service (prepare payroll for multiple clients) you would not need separate checks for each client!

..:: PDF 
  • You can export reports, checks, and tax forms into a PDF file. Your reports in electronic format (PDF files) can then be easily stored on your computer, thus eliminating a need for a paper copy in your file cabinet. PDF files can be easily shared between your office and your clients. To deliver report to your client - just attach a PDF file to your e-mail and send it.This option is FREE. Other companies charged up to $100.00 for this option.

  • File W-2, electronically. Additional Fee $100.00
  • Our software allows you to process the W-2's and create a file in MMREF format. The W2REPORT file can be saved and then upload on-line to the Social Security Administration for processing through their ACCUWAGE program.

  • Any questions or problems in using EzUSAPayroll Software,
  • use this useful Help Tutorial File

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